Congresswoman Barbara Comstock on The Larry O'Connor Show

Date: Sep 15, 2017
Length: 10:43
Source: WMAL

Comstock discusses her bill to remove suspected gang members without evidence of a crime being committed. She's also explains why she voted against the Healthcare repeal.

  • "This will expedite the legal process so they're not sitting here for months and months and we don't wait for them to have a crime." [2:18]
  • "Right now, once they're here, there has to be a crime before they can be removed," [2:25]
  • Fails to provide specifics when asked what the standard it to prove someone is in a gang. [2:35]
  • "They're recruiting within their own communities and targeting their own communities." [4:00]
  • "I do still think we need to replace Obamacare. It's failing and I can certainly see that like everyone else." [6:44]
  • Mentions that premiums were going to increase for the elderly. [7:22]
  • Avoids the topic when interviewer mentions she voted for repeal when she knew Obama would veto it [7:40]