High Octane Intervew with Del. Barbara Comstock

Date: Sep 17, 2012
Length: 10:18
Source: John Fredericks Show

Comstock interviewed as a surrogate for the Romney campaign. Doesn't say much as usual.

  • "In this country we have free speech and we defend it. The way we deal with free speech is not to attack people. We engage in more free speech" [1:14]
  • "You just have these young men ... apparently they can't get employed in the Obama economy except to be hecklers." [1:45]
  • "Nobody thought I would get elected and my race was fortunately ignored." [5:40]
  • "Get down to the grassroots level and talk to people. Listen to them about what their concerns are." [8:00]
  • "When you don't talk to your customers about their most important issues, they will look elsewhere" [8:16]