John Fredericks Interview: Russia, Metro and Taxes

Date: Feb 01, 2018
Length: 18:13
Source: John Fredericks Show

Comstock is asked about the Nunes Memo and Obstruction of Justice in the Russia invesigation

  • Faults Gerry Connoly for not including pension "reform" (cuts) in his bill [3:05]
  • Asked aboout her impression of the State of the Union address, she quickly shifts to shilling for Wal-Mart and other contributors [6:11]
  • Credits Trump for "decimating" and "destroying" ISIS now that the military is "unleashed" [7:40]
  • "I am, as you know, a former Justice Department official. Chris Wray, Rod Rosenstein, the guys at the Justice Department and the FBI, I know them and they are very good people and they're doing there job ..." [10:02]
  • "I think we in Congress are doing [our job] which is, and I've always believe this because I was also chief counsel in Congress too, which is the public's right to know and having more transparency in the investigations." [10:15]
  • "I have supported having these investigations, both at the Justice Department as well as in Congress and I think the role in the Congressional investigation is to provide information publicly as much as possible." [10:30]
  • "So I do support having the memo be made public." [10:42]
  • Won't say what she thinks about the memo. Does not dimiss Fredericks when he mentions that a colleague says the memo will be "bigger than Watergate" [10:57]
  • When asked about the Democrats counter memo she admits that it's available but hasn't read it yet. [11:18]
  • "Russia knows what they did so we should know more about everything that is going on there too." [11:39]
  • Dodges a question about the NYT story where Trump asks Rosenstein if he's on "his team." Goes into a long MS-13 filibuster instead. [12:17]
  • Asked about the conversation between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on the tarmac and how is that different from what Trump did with Rosenstein [15:30]
  • "I have worked with the FBI, you know I've got the Justice Department, you have tons of professional people trying to do their jobs. When you have incidents like that, with the tarmac and the Attorney General, that ends up coloring it in whatever way, it really makes it harder for our professionals ... harder for them to do their work." [15:30]
  • "We need to let them do their work free of politics." [17:15]
  • "We always wanted to make sure that they could do their work clear of politics." [17:26]