John Fredericks Interview: Shutdown, Medicaid Expansion and Metro

Date: Feb 09, 2018
Length: 19:46
Source: John Fredericks Show

  • Fredericks asks her what she plans to do about the exploding debt [2:14]
  • Comstock says we'll deal with the debt by spending money on infrastructure [2:30]
  • Blames eighty military deaths on sequestration [3:15]
  • Work requirements for welfare and Medicaid (interesting since she voted against Medicaid expansion) [4:00]
  • Claims that there are employes in VA-10 with openings for $18-$20 hour entry level jobs with healthcare so people wouldn't need Medicaid [6:45]
  • Claims there are over 30,000 jobs open in cybersecurity (in reference to Medicaid work requirements) [7:39]
  • Fredericks says he rides the Metro all the time and he doesn't see any problems [16:52]
  • "The success of Metro is essential to the region and I'm very much committed to that." [18:31]