John Fredericks Interview

Date: Dec 21, 2017
Length: 16:42
Source: John Fredericks Show

Comstock fields softball questions about tax cuts and Metro. She is very adamant that Metro run more like a business.

  • "There was a bipartisan consensus for years now that our business taxes were too high." [2:25]
  • "Well listen, you've not had Democrats promote tax cuts since President Kennedy in the sixties." [5:22]
  • "I also don't think anyone should have to pay more than a third of their income to the federal government so I'd like to see the top rates ... all the rates ... a little lower." [6:03]
  • "It's just bizarre. We should be happy for anybody seeing their wages increased" [9:22]
  • "You don't get the money unless the substantial reforms are made" [12:05]
  • Comstock discusses various sexual harassment bills she supports and says there should be zero tolerance for sexual harassment [14:37]