Metropocalypse: Labor, Safey and Money

Date: Aug 01, 2016
Length: 28:13
Source: WAMU

Comstock complains about labor costs as usual. Admits she doesn't take Metro and lists several reasons to not ride Metro. She refuses to give a direct answer on whether the federal government should support Metro's operating costs.

  • Comstock admits she doesn't ride the Silver Line (prefers driving with Waze). "I'm not able to take Metro because my husband goes to work really early in the morning." [8:48]
  • Comstock won't answer a direct question about whether she supports the federal government subsidizing Metro's day to day expenses. [9:58]
  • Comstock is again asked if the federal government should be supporting operating costs. She starts talking about paying for trains (capital costs.) [11:39]
  • Comstock is asked a third time about paying for operating costs. Refuses to answer "without knowing what we're paying for." [13:48]
  • "I'm the co-chair of the transit caucus" [14:21]
  • Reporter says the RNC platform is hostile to mass transportation, Comstock says she hasn't read it. Proceeds to attack labor contracts one last time. [15:06]