Auditions Begin for Comstock's Replacement

Auditions Begin for Comstock

By now, everyone knows that Barbara Comstock is a coward and that she has never had a single in person town hall meeting. Her challengers (including the GOP challenger), have all signed an accountability pledge, and have promised to be more accessible to constituents.

Barbara Comstock needs to go - the only questions that remains - is who will be her replacement? Next year, we’re going to have to make a tough choice between several excellent candidates. Fortunately, you will have three excellent opportunities to get know these candidates better during the month of August.

Community Coffee

Lindsey Stover recently started an ongoing “Community Coffee” series. Unlike Comstock who claims to prefer to meet in small groups, Lindsey will actually follow through and set up a time to meet with you.

Send an email to [email protected] if you’re interested.

Hanging with Helmer

Last week, Dan Helmer announced a new “Hanging with Helmer” series.

Team Helmer wants to invite you to the first in our running series of ‘Hang with Helmer’ Facebook Live events to help ensure that Dan remains accessible and accountable to the Virginians he hopes to serve in Congress.

At each of these Facebook Live events Dan will briefly share some of his thoughts on the week’s news before welcoming any and all questions from participants online. Join us next Thursday 8/17 at 1:00PM ET to share your thoughts and concerns with Dan.

The first one starts tomorrow at 1:00 PM. Unlike a Barbara Comstock conference call, there will be no pre-screened questions designed to make him look good. Ask him anything!

Town Hall Meetings

If you’re looking for an in person town hall meeting, then Jennifer Wexton has you covered. Wexton will be holding a town hall in Leesburg on Saturday, August 26th and another town hall in Chantilly on Thursday, August 31. Check her campaign website for additional details.

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Primaries are expensive and defeating Barbara Comstock won't be cheap

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