Barbara Comstock has a United Airlines Problem

Barbara Comstock has a United Airlines Problem

Last week’s top news story was about a man who was forcibly removed from an overbooked United Airlines flight even though he had already been given a seat. The airport police used excessive force while removing him and he suffered non-trivial injuries.

Lawmakers were quick to respond:

Low energy Comstock, however, could not even muster one of her lame press releases. Why would Comstock, who sits on the aviation subcommittee and also has a massive United Airlines hub located in her district, have no comment on this? Perhaps she was too busy on her taxpayer funded religious pilgrimage with fellow endangered Republican Darrell Issa?

The real reason “No Comment” Comstock refused to comment is that she is getting paid by United Airlines. In the last cycle she received $10,000 in contributions from United Airlines PAC.

UAPAC contributions to Comstock

The very same day that Mark Warner was calling for a change in United policy, Comstock actually defended United in another matter.

Comstock has been good to United and they were more than happy to return the favor by inviting her to speak at a photo op in Dulles last month.

Nobody but United employees were meant to see that invitation. Women who lived in her district decided to attend since it was a chance to hear her speak on women’s issues. Unfortunately they were told it was a private event and were turned away. SAD!

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