Comstock is Completely Missing During Recess

Comstock is Completely Missing During Recess

Congress is just finishing a two week recess - the stated purpose of which is to give members time to return to their districts and meet with constituents. The traditional method for doing this is to hold a public town hall, but we all know how Comstock feels about those.

There was no chance for constituents to talk with her during the first week of recess since she was on a taxpayer funded religious pilgrimage. That left just one week to cram in a bunch of meaningless photo ops to make it look like she was doing her job. It turns out she couldn’t even pull that off!

Comstock, who has on multiple occasions bragged that she is “ever present in the district”, made zero public appearances in her district during the entire two week recess. We’ve become accustomed to unannounced tours of private companies and cultural events that turn out to be not in her district. But this week, we didn’t even get that.

Other than some inappropriate and overly religious tweets, the only thing we heard from Comstock last week was that she visited with school children in her office.

We did, however, note several problems with this photo op:

Stop acting like Congressional recess is beneath you. The people have a right to meet with their representative and the Loudoun Times Mirror and Loudoun Tribune have now both called you out on it. Enough with the taxpayer funded vacations and fundraisers. Do your damn job!

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