Behind the Scenes at a Comstock Photo Op [VIDEO]

Behind the Scenes at a Comstock Photo Op [VIDEO]

By now pretty much everyone knows that Barbara Comstock has never held an in person town hall. Her initial excuse for this was that she prefers to meet with small groups of constituents. This is an obvious lie because she has been caught avoiding constituents on more than one occasion.

As the pressure has mounted for Comstock to hold a town hall, her explanation has shifted. After coming back from a taxpayer funded junket to the Middle East she had the audacity to tell the Loudoun Times Mirror:

“I’m ever present in the district.”

Her deputy chief of staff has repeated the “ever present” claim and cited the “nearly 50 events” she has attended.

Earlier this month we looked at one of the events specifically cited by GOP Chairman John Whitbeck, as proof Comstock was not hiding from her constituents. Sadly it turned out that the event in question was actually a paid fundraiser outside her district.

The Dump Comstock investigative team has uncovered new video of another one of these events. Comstock wants everyone to believe that all of these photo ops are taking place in her district. Once again, however, she’s been caught deceiving her constituents. As you will see in this video, most of the people in Barbara Comstock’s photo ops do not have the faintest clue who she is or where her district is even located.

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