Comstock Finally Says Something About Russia

Comstock Finally Says Something About Russia

Barbara Comstock is hard to find these days but the Dump Comstock team spotted her visiting a company in Reston, VA (not in her district by the way). No word on what she was doing there, but the company’s PAC donated $1,000 to her campaign last year so maybe she was coming to say “thank you”. Not a huge surprise really since sixty percent of her contributions come from outside her district.

Since Comstock doesn’t have a public schedule she was a little surprised to see a constituent of hers in the lobby. Things started out well enough with Comstock even agreeing to shake her hand.

Comstock shaking hands with a constituent

Everything was great until it was clear that the constituent also wanted to ask her questions. That’s when she moved top speed to get clear of her. Fortunately she was able to ask a few questions including:

“Can I just ask you though, do you believe Russia is an enemy of the United States?”

Here’s what Comstock said in response:

“Well yes I always have. Unlike a lot of Democrats”

Good to know that Comstock has at least a basic understanding of the current geopolitical situation. Now if you are a reader of the Washington Post editorial page you may be aware that she has recently “taken some steps to temper her hard-right conservatism …” Unfortunately for her, when Comstock deviates from her prepared remarks her knee-jerk partisanship becomes self evident.

Comstock also goes on to say that:

“I’m for an investigation”

This investigation better not look at Trump’s tax returns since she’s already voted to keep those secret.

Watch the entire video here:

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