Clueless Comstock Poses Next to Upside Down American Flag

Clueless Comstock Poses Next to Upside Down American Flag

Earlier this year, Barbara Comstock took one of her frequent field trips outside of her district to participate in yet another photo op. It’s actually quite common for her to be outside the district. A recent Dump Comstock study showed that a majority of her photo ops were actually outside her district.

Map showing location of photo op

According to her Twitter post, Comstock was there to honor Linda Han’s book publication. It had nothing to do with the fact that Linda Hahn had also recently donated $2,700 (the maximum individual contribution limit) to her Congressional campaign.

Comstock was so busy counting her potential new donor cash that she did not notice she was giving a speech next to an upside down American flag. Perhaps she was just caught up in the moment, but that doesn’t really explain why she later posted it on social media where it’s been sitting in plain view for months.

This isn’t the first time Comstock has been involved in violations of the U.S. Flag Code. She was called out on social media last Friday after planting her tacky flag-based campaign ads on people’s lawns.

Perhaps Barbara Comstock should spend more time monitoring her own activity on social media instead of blocking her constituents.

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