Comstock, Cash and Cancer

Comstock, Cash and Cancer

Barbara Comstock is desperately trying to present herself as a cancer awareness advocate. She will stage many photo-ops on this issue as the 2018 election draws near.

We have to ask:

How can Comstock claim to be fighting cancer when she takes big money from the world’s 2nd largest tobacco company, Altria?

We’re not talking about just a few dollars here and there.

Comstock became hooked on tobacco money back when she was a Delegate in Richmond. Altria started her off with just a taste, giving her $1,000 in 2012. Big tobacco must have spotted something in Barbara Comstock that the rest of us have so far failed to see, because they increased their giving to $3,500 the next year. Once she was elected to Congress in 2014 the big money started rolling in.

Altria has become Comstock’s fifth largest donor, paying her $46,000 since she inherited Frank Wolf’s safe seat in 2014. Let’s not forget the $720 basketball tickets either.

Which is the real Barbara Comstock? The one who stages photo-ops, or the one who eagerly cashes tobacco checks from Altria, a company that targets children as its next generation of customers? And creates the next generation of cancer victims.

We understand the pro-tobacco argument. People should be free to smoke and face the consequences. We get that.

But we don’t think Comstock should pretend to be an advocate for cancer awareness while she takes money from a company that causes cancer. She should choose a side.

If she ever holds a real town hall (with unscripted voters), we can ask her how she can sleep at night, knowing that people are at risk of cancer because of her greed and ideology.

It’s shameful.

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