Comstock caught in obvious lie

Comstock caught in obvious lie

Last week Politico called out Barbara Comstock for refusing to meet with her constituents in a town hall:

The blowback from constituents for her failure to show up at the events demonstrates the precarious position Comstock currently finds herself in.

Comstock had sent out a newsletter to her constituents promising to meet with them in person to discuss their issues of concern. Unfortunately, her recent votes in support of the Trump agenda and her refusal to detail a replacement plan for the ACA landed her in some hot water with the voters in the VA-10. They decided to confront her at the office hours, which is of course their right as residents of her district.

Comstock then got the bright idea to skip out on the office hours since she didn’t want to hear any negative feedback on the job she was doing. Her constituents naturally began to complain on Facebook and through various media outlets. That’s when her office decided to outright lie to Politico when they called Comstock for comment. Comstock’s office told Politico:

Unfortunately, an email went out stating that she and staff would also be at two Fairfax County ‘Stuff the Bus’ food drive events.

That’s the straight up lie her deputy chief of staff told Politico. This was not an innocent mix up. Residents in the VA-10 had been trying to get a meeting with Comstock for weeks and the staffer told them that “[Comstock] was ‘in the District’ but refused to say where.”

This event has always been a high priority photo op for her in the past. Comstock attended the same event last year in person. She’s a sucker for a good photo op but obviously not at the risk of meeting any disappointed constituents.

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