Comstock's Horrible Track Record on Equality


On Monday, Barbara Comstock quoted the Declaration of Independence on Twitter:

Comstock’s record on equality, however, flies in the face of her vapid remarks on Twitter. Let’s examine her votes and statements when it comes to equal rights for LGBTQ individuals:

Opposed to same sex marriage

Comstock has always been against gay marriage. When her Republican primary opponents tried to attack her as being insufficiently extreme, the conservative National Review published an article in her defense.

“She has consistently opposed same-sex marriage and abortion, and among her supporters are such undoubted social conservatives as Mary Ellen Bork, Eugene Scalia, and Rick Santorum.”

Favored a constitutional amendment to define marriage

Comstock once spoke out on national television (CNN Paula Zahn: Feb 25, 2004) in favor of amending the U.S. Constitution to specifically prohibit gay couples from marrying.

“We should be able to have a reasoned debate about this. The debate and the argument is about who is going to redefine marriage. All the amendment does is define marriage. It is not an anti- gay amendment. It defines marriage, the institution for marriage, which for 2000 years has been a man and woman and 200 years under our Constitution; 38 states have passed that. It’s been something we have all assumed would remain as the law”

Voted to allow adoption agencies to deny adoptions to same sex couples

Despite being anti-abortion, Comstock voted for a so-called “conscience clause” that allowed adoption agencies to discriminate against same sex couples.

Voted to fund adoption agencies that discriminate against same sex couples

In February 2013, Comstock voted against an amendment to the state’s budget bill, House Bill 1500, that would have prohibited any appropriation to a child placement agency that discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation.

Refused to comment on a DOJ ban of annual gay pride event

When serving as DOJ spokesperson, Comstock refused to comment on an agency ban that prevented employees from holding a gay pride event at the department’s headquarters.

Voted to give taxpayer dollars to student groups that discriminate

In February 2013, Comstock voted to force colleges to provide funds to religious groups that refused membership based on sexual orientation.

Refused to acknowledge gay pride month

Comstock went the entire month of June without a single mention of Gay Pride Month on social media. She did have time, however, for multiple posts about her personal vanity project that teaches “leadership” to young women.

Refused to acknowledge the first anniversary of the Orlando nightclub massacre

Comstock was completely silent on the one year anniversary of the Pulse Night Club shooting in Orlando, Florida. It was the deadliest terrorist attack inside the United States since Sept 11, 2001. Forty nine people were killed and another fifty eight were wounded, but Comstock said nothing to mark this tragic anniversary.

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