Comstock Defends Trump on Meet the Press (VIDEO)

Comstock Defends Trump on Meet the Press (VIDEO)

Barbara Comstock is desperate to change the subject from how she is the most vulnerable Republican member of Congress headed into the 2018 election. She has been grandstanding for several days now pretending to be a leader in the fight against sexual harassment.

Thinking that she at last had a winning non-controversial issue she could talk about, she went running towards the cameras last weekend for a rare TV appearance. Unfortunately, this is just another case of Comstock being all talk. In fact, even when it comes to talk she can’t bring herself to say the right thing.

During her recent appearance on Meet the Press, Comstock was asked about Trump’s refusal to comment on the Roy Moore allegations.

How do you view the fact that the President refuses to even comment on it?

Comstock could have used this rare media appearance to show some bipartisan leadership when it comes to allegations of sexual assault by politicians. After all, Trump has been accused by sixteen women of sexual harassment and assault. And like Roy Moore, Trump has been accused of inappropriate conduct with teen beauty pageant contestants.

Instead of condemning the President, Comstock actually defended him.

Well I appreciate that the President actually was working with the White House and did. They cut off funding to him, the National Senatorial Committee is not funding it

Presumably Comstock was referring to the National Republican Senatorial Committee which, according to the FEC, had already terminated their joint fundraising agreement with Moore. It’s worth noting the NRSC decided to cut off funding to Moore long before Barbara Comstock ever uttered her first words on the subject.

This is just a sad example of alternative facts combined with a dose of wishful thinking. There is not one published media report claiming that Trump was involved in the NRSC decision to drop it’s support of Moore. Trump never worked with the NRSC to cut off Moore’s funding - it never happened.

Instead of championing the women who have accused Trump, Comstock defended the President by falsely claiming he was working to cut off Moore’s NRSC funding.

In fact, in typical Trump fashion, he ended up making Comstock look like a fool. Several days later, Trump finally broke his silence on Roy Moore and suggested that he believes Roy Moore’s denials.

Presumably Barbara Comstock is just as sickened by Trump as the rest of us. Unfortunately she’s too much of a coward to say or do anything about it.

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