Comstock Delivers for Big Bank Donors

Comstock Delivers for Big Bank Donors

After taking $220,000 from the banking industry, Rep. Barbara Comstock just voted to slash Dodd-Frank regulations designed to protect us from another Wall Street financial crisis.

As usual, Comstock voted with her campaign donors against the interests of her constituents, many of whom were badly hurt in the 2007-2008 financial meltdown.

Also as usual, Comstock tried to cover her tracks by staging a photo-op with an anonymous group of alleged “community banks.” Naturally we called her out on it immediately, which is why she now blocks us on Twitter.

Sadly, there are no pretty photos of Comstock with the massive banking, hedge fund, and private equity campaign donors who flooded her with cash in the 2016 election cycle.

Happily, the Federal Election Commission requires legal disclosure, not photo-ops, so we have a good picture of the corporate donors who really own Barbara Comstock’s loyalty on this issue. (Spoiler alert: It’s not her constituents.)

Comstock’s individual donors for 2016 include many financial industry insiders, including:

Corporate financial PACs were almost as generous to Comstock, providing $80,000 in the same period. Her leading financial PAC donors included:

As if to prove that her greed has no limit, Rep. Comstock even accepted a check from an insider at Tau Investment Management, a private equity fund backed by the son of well-known liberal George Soros. Voters in VA10 may recall that Comstock returned a check from Donald Trump when it became too hot to hold. Maybe she should return this one too?

Comstock is a huge fund raiser because corporate donors know she always votes just how they like. She never lets them down.

Too bad she won’t do the same for her constituents.

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