Comstock Donor Paid for the Russian Dossier

Comstock Donor Paid for the Russian Dossier

Fox News and the right wing echo chamber were in full distraction mode last week, in anticipation of yesterday’s special counsel indictments. There was much talk of the infamous Steele dossier and inquiring minds wanted to know, who paid for it?

It turns out it was paid for by the fake news site, the Washington Free Beacon. More accurately, it was paid for by hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer who also funds the Free Beacon.

Paul Singer is one of the largest Comstock donors, even though he lives over 200 miles away in New York City. He’s already given $5,400 (the legal maximum) to her campaign this cycle. He has given her a total of $64,250 over the course of her political career, including a staggering $55,000 for her two campaigns back when she was a House Delegate.

The Free Beacon is known for their “hit pieces”, which makes them a perfect fit for Barbara Comstock, who used to run opposition research for the Republican Party. They’re especially fond of so-called “news” articles that are critical of Hillary Clinton.

Not only is Paul Singer one of the largest single individual donors to Barbara Comstock, but his “newspaper” is also available to run attack pieces on her opponents. Weeks after Republican primary challenger Shak Hill announced his candidacy, the Free Beacon ran a story with the false headline “Comstock Primary Opponent Has Been Posting About Penis Enlargement All Summer.

Barbara Comstock is fighting for her political survival right now. You can expect more hit pieces in her donor’s “newspaper” once the Democratic nominee is chosen.

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