Comstock Drinking Wine on Your Dime

Comstock Drinking Wine on Your Dime

Politicians love to spend tax money on their own entertainment. They cover up by calling it “official business.”

Barbara Comstock is no different. She likes to drink wine, and has discovered how to do it on the taxpayer’s dime. Her staff arranges for her to visit local vineyards and she calls it an “Agriculture Tour.”

We are not kidding.

“I like the wineries; my husband likes the breweries.”

Comstock takes her wine hobby seriously. She posts frequent updates about her tasty visits to vineyards and wine festivals, and was clearly excited when @winesnapa started following her on Twitter. It’s one of those elitist Washington things.

Sometimes, she can drink wine and collect campaign donations at the same time.

Some government employees might have a tough time skipping work to attend a wine festival in the middle of the week. Barbara Comstock has no problem with it. Drinking wine is apparently part of Comstock’s claim to be “ever present” in the community.

Comstock has plenty of time to drink wine, since she’s never held a single in person town hall. It’s clear to us that Comstock enjoys “the finer things”, so she should drop the pretense that these visits are related to official business.

Here is a list of just some of the the many wine excursions Comstock has taken in lieu of holding a town hall:

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