Comstock Encouraged Release of Nothing Burger Memo

Comstock Encouraged Release of Nothing Burger Memo

Last week we finally were able to read the overhyped Nunes memo that had Trump supporters so excited prior to its release. The memo landed with a thud last week, and if anything, helped to undermine the latest conspiracy theory being pedaled by Sean Hannity and friends.

Barbara Comstock of course eagerly supported the memo’s release:

Comstock again repeated her call to release the memo during her appearance on the John Fredericks radio show. She did this after the Department of Justice expressed “grave concerns” about the memo’s release and that that it contained both “classified information and inaccuracies.

“I think the role in the Congressional investigation is to provide information publicly as much as possible so I do support having the memo made public.”

During the interview, Comstock does nothing to dismiss the crazy conspiracy talk of John Fredericks who suggests that this memo could be “as big as Watergate.


“One of your colleagues said last night that this thing is bigger than Watergate. Hyperbole or could that be true?”


“You know I don’t want to characterize it.”

This is a typical Comstock “interview” where she does nothing to undermine the GOP position and we learn nothing about what Comstock actually thinks. Instead she hides behind popular words such as “transparency” - who can be against that?

Comstock has suddenly discovered the concept of transparency in the Russia investigation despite having a somewhat mixed track record in this area.

  • She voted along party lines to keep Trump’s tax returns secret
  • She openly mocked calls to investigate Trump’s insecure use of cell phones
  • She refused to support an independent and bipartisan Congressional investigation into the Russia attacks
  • She failed to call for public release of the Fusion GPS testimony
  • She has failed to condemn Steve Bannon for refusing to appear before the House Intel Committee
  • She had nothing to say when Donald Trump Jr. refused to answer questions citing a phony privilege claim
  • She has not called for the release of the Democratic response memo on social media
  • She ignored the public request of the FBI Director and the DOJ to not release the memo
  • She had nothing to say when Nunes denied the FBI Director’s request to speak to the committee before they voted to release the Nunes memo

When asked about the Democratic response memo she admitted that she hasn’t bothered to read it yet.

“I haven’t had a chance to read that yet [although] that is available”

It’s already been widely reported that the partisan memo contains numerous factual inaccuracies, including the claim that the Steele dossier was compiled at the behest of the DNC.

The Nunes memo conveniently omits the fact that the dossier was originally funded by a conservative website owned by billionaire and long time Comstock contributor Paul Singer.

It looks like Barbara Comstock’s belief in transparency only goes so far.

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