Comstock Finally Makes it to Dulles

Comstock Finally Makes it to Dulles

The last time Dulles was in the news there was a five year old child being detained and a potential constitutional crisis unfolding. All of this transpired in Barbara Comstock’s district while she did nothing but issue a mild mannered press release a full day later. Every Virginia politician of significance (and even some from Maryland) managed to show up at Dulles to demand an end to Trump’s illegal travel ban. Barbara Comstock, however, was nowhere to be found.

Well it looks like today is the day we finally get to see Barbara Comstock at Dulles. She’s not there to speak out on the second version of Trump’s travel ban. That ban was announced and stayed without even so much as a press release from Barbara Comstock. No - Barbara Comstock is there to congratulate herself on being a champion of women.

Barbara Comstock is no champion of women. She has an absolutely horrendous record on choice and she has consistently voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Comstock has also failed to support equal pay for women. In fact, she even went on television to trash Lilly Ledebtter - someone who has actually fought to advance the cause of women.

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