Comstock's INSPIRE Women Act is a Complete Joke


Yesterday Barbara Comstock watched her friend Donald Trump sign her so-called “INSPIRE Women Act”. This was actually the first time a bill introduced by Comstock has ever become law so we were naturally a little suspicious. It turns out that the bill - like Comstock herself - is a complete joke.

The bill itself is a single page. It was passed on a voice vote - meaning it was so noncontroversial and inconsequential that members just shouted out “aye” or “no” - if they even bothered to vote at all. This bill was so irrelevant that it skipped the committee process and the results of the vote were never recorded. Literally nobody cares about this bill.

There were other clues that led us to believe this bill was bogus. Republicans aren’t exactly famous for empowering women and they certainly don’t like to spend money. Here is what the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) had to say about her bill:

“CBO estimates that implementing the legislation would have no significant cost because NASA is already undertaking such efforts.”

It does not change any existing laws. It does not create any new programs. It does not provide any new funding for any existing programs. The bill does nothing but direct NASA to encourage women and girls to study science - something that it already does. Be sure to congratulate the Congresswoman on her crowning legislative achievement!

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