Comstock Fumbles on Wasteful Government Spending

Comstock Fumbles on Wasteful Government Spending

If you listened to Barbara Comstock’s highly scripted conference call last month, you may have noticed she fumbled a question about the Grace Commission report on wasteful government spending.

Comstock appeared to not recognize it, and managed only to stammer, “Oh yeah … Congressman Wolf used to talk about that a lot. I remember that.”

Wasteful government spending is important so, yeah, former Rep. Frank Wolf talked about it. He was funny that way. He cared about issues that were important to his constituents.

So, we bet that Rep. Frank Wolf would have been furious and outspoken about all the expensive charter planes used by Trump administration officials since the beginning of the year.

Government waste is government waste, no matter the party affiliation.

Yet Rep. Barbara Comstock has made no public comment on expensive travel arrangements for Trump’s billionaire cabinet buddies.

She is probably too scared to speak, so she will claim her constituents are not interested in government waste and then she will stage another photo-op with middle school students.

Here’s a quick primer on the Grace Commission for Barbara Comstock. The commission studied wasteful government spending. It was convened by President Ronald Reagan in 1982 when the federal deficit started to explode.

The Commission delivered its recommendations in January 1984 and Congress passed the Deficit Reduction Act of 1984 shortly thereafter, on a bipartisan basis.

Rep. Frank Wolf voted in favor of the Deficit Reduction Act, as did many other Republicans.

Government waste was, and still is, an important topic.

Well, unless you are Barbara Comstock…

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