Comstock Gets Brutalized by the Breitbart Crowd

Comstock Gets Brutalized by the Breitbart Crowd

Late last year, Barbara Comstock was making a flurry of TV appearances in an attempt to make herself look like a champion for women. She was given multiple opportunities to condemn Trump but refused to do so.

Finally, Chris Wallace of Fox News was able to pin her down. She tried to filibuster her way out of answering the question but Wallace persisted and asked her directly if she is bothered by Trump endorsing Roy Moore. Comstock responded with the mildest condemnation of Trump one could imagine:

Yes. I mean it doesn’t represent me.

You can watch the full exchange below:

Congratulations to Chris Wallace for forcing her to answer a simple question and shame on Barbara Comstock for only issuing an extremely weak condemnation of Trump’s embrace of Roy Moore.

The far right crowd on Breitbart was having none of this however and they proceeded to brutalize her in the comment section of an article describing the exchange.

We’ve read the comments section on Breitbart so you don’t have to. Here are a few highlights:


“She’s an establishment-reared shill for the Northern Virginia, Federal government employee lobby and will vote for anything the RINOs tell her to vote for or against. She doesn’t support the Obamacare repeal either…she was bad before she took office.”

Sanford Thorson

“The whole country found out in 2016 that over 50% of the women of America are a hell of a lot smarter than the Feminist”


“What women? I sure didn’t vote for that old witch.”


“R-VA explains everything. Comstock is a certified RINO pandering to VA’s libs.”


“I can accuse Rep. Barbara of suckiing coke, But does that make it true?”

Kevin R

“She is the joke…. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Republicans who are more Democrat and hate the founding principles.”


“News! Barbara Comstock doesn’t represent the voters. Trump and Judge Moore on the other hand has our support.”


“Who cares what this skag thinks.”


“Comstock should shut her drooling pie hole. She sure as hell does NOT speak for me! I am an independent woman and a hardcore Trump supporter!! #DrainTheSwamp”

Deplorable Elspeth Moran

“Comstock is my rep. I’m moving away to a reliably red state in about 3 weeks. Her statement is just one more reason that I know I made the right decision to leave.”

Tom Steele

“A Republican? How about a RINO republican? Yes. Because a constitutional, conservative Christian Republican would support Judge Roy Moore. Nuf’ said.”


“Shut up and go make me a sammich!”


“Swamp turd. Primary her ass.”

It goes on and on like this for several pages but you get the idea. The far right Republicans are not exactly excited about voting for Comstock.

We wish Barbara Comstock the best of luck in her June primary against Shak Hill.

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