Comstock Goes All in On Trump

Comstock Goes All in On Trump

June 12 is primary day in Virginia 10 and it’s not just the Democrats that get to choose a candidate. Local crackpot Shak Hill is also challenging Barbara Comstock for the GOP nomination. The odds are against him, but as we said back in July of last year, Shak has a non-trivial chance of winning.

There is also ample evidence that Barbara Comstock is worried about the outcome of the primary. In the past several weeks the Comstock campaign has looked increasingly desperate.

  • She brought in lobbyists and staffers from out of state in order to rig a straw poll in her favor.
  • She paid for a sketchy website that, amongst other things, makes fun of Shak for taking his wife’s last name after he renounced his physically abusive father.
  • She has run a non-stop series of radio ads implying that Shak Hill is a pedophile
  • She hired lawyers to try and take down Shak’s radio ads

But the desperation doesn’t end there. Comstock has also been steadily professing her love for Donald Trump. Someone that she once said was “vile and disgusting”.

Even though Comstock finds Trump disgusting, he is pushing forward with Paul Ryan’s conservative agenda and she cannot win in November without the support of Trump’s minions. Her preference would be to quietly support Trump and pretend to be moderate this November but her primary means that she needs to drop the moderate facade and go all in on Trump.

It all started in January 2017 when Comstock proudly proclaimed “God Bless President Trump”

Comstock then proceeded to vote for Trump’s extreme agenda 97% of the time. When she wasn’t voting in lockstep with Trump she was running to the White House to get her picture taken with him.

Comstock tried to explain this away by saying she always attends signing ceremonies when her bills become law. But it turns out that the day before she tweeted her explanation, she was getting her picture taken with Trump again - this time for a bill that had nothing to do with her.

As the primary approached, Comstock became increasingly nervous that she might lose the primary to Shak Hill. She sent out a four page mailer that bragged about her “A Rating” from the NRA and how she was endorsed by a radical anti-abortion group.

Sensing that she would need to do more than this to win Trump’s approval, she rushed to defend his honor on Twitter when a Democrat had the nerve to say that he was a threat to democracy.

Which brings us to her latest mailer, where Comstock brags about how she is “Working with President Trump”

Assuming Comstock survives the GOP primary, she will likely try to pretend that she is some sore of bipartisan moderate. Unfortunately for her, there is a long and detailed record that shows she has been enabling Trump all along. Comstock is toast this November - possibly even sooner.

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