Comstock Has the Last Laugh

Comstock Has the Last Laugh

She had to be dragged kicking and screaming, but Barbara Comstock has finally voted against the reckless plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). You may be tempted to congratulate her for doing the right thing but that would be a mistake. The bill has a much easier chance of becoming law thanks to Comstock’s vote earlier this year.

Back in January, Comstock voted for a budget resolution that called for repealing Obamacare without providing an actual replacement plan. It’s basically a technicality that allows them to pass a repeal in the Senate with a simple majority vote. And she voted for it.

Here is a list of votes she has made against her party prior to the ACA repeal.

votes against party

Comstock NEVER votes against her party. She is, however, extremely vulnerable in 2018 so she can still get what she wants (ACA repeal) while pretending that it’s something she objects to. Paul Ryan has always been able to count on Barbara Comstock’s vote - he just didn’t need it this time.

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