Comstock has Never Held a Town Hall

Comstock has Never Held a Town Hall

It recently occurred to us that Barbara Comstock has never had a real town hall before. Not this year. Not ever. We looked back as far as her start in the 114th Congress and could find no evidence of a town hall in the public record.

We did find one mention on her Instagram of what she called a “heroin town hall”. Looking at the picture above it looks more like a meeting about a single topic with a select group of invitees that happened to result in a photo of Comstock at the end of the process. Sorry Barbara - that doesn’t qualify as a town hall.

By the way did you know that Comstock has an Instragram account? Did you know that there are not nearly as many negative comments on it as there are on Twitter and Facebook?

Finally, we’ve introduced a new feature to our website. We’ve added a “count up” timer that is keeping track of the number of days it’s been since she’s been in Congress without holding a public town hall. Members of her district have contacted the office to ask when her last town hall has been. So far it’s been crickets. We’re happy to adjust the timer if we get concrete evidence otherwise.

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