Comstock Has Never Heard of Popular Gun Safety Measure [AUDIO]

Comstock Has Never Heard of Popular Gun Safety Measure [AUDIO]

Last week, an NPR reporter caught up with Barbara Comstock as she was leaving the House floor and he asked her about a proposal to raise the age required to buy firearms to 21. To nobody’s surprise, Comstock claimed she had never heard of the proposal and therefore did not have an opinion.

Trump’s most consistent position has been his call to raise the age for purchasing some firearms from 18 to 21. That put many vulnerable, suburban Republicans, like Northern Virginia’s Barbara Comstock, in an awkward position. We ran into her off the House floor last week and she told us she had yet to hear about what was arguably the most talked about proposal in Washington. “I haven’t seen it. I need to take a look,” Comstock said.

Apparently Comstock has not read a newspaper, watched TV or listened to the radio in the past several weeks.

Even the low key NPR reporter points out that this was “arguably the most talked about proposal in Washington.”

This is as about as straightforward of a proposal as it gets. Raise the age required to buy firearms and ammunition from 18 to 21. It’s not complicated and she does not need to see specific legislative language in order to have a position on that. In only took Walmart and Dicks Sporting Goods a few days to consider, draft and fully implement the exact policy that Comstock claims to have never heard of.

You can listen to the clip yourself:

If Comstock is waiting to see specific bill language, a House bill was introduced by one of her colleagues on Feb 28. According to Word Counter, it’s only 535 words and should take 1 minute and 57 seconds to read it.

No doubt she will have an opinion the next time she’s asked about this.

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