Comstock Hiding Behind Wooden Flags

Comstock Hiding Behind Wooden Flags

While Trump’s Deportation Force was rounding up undocumented immigrants, some of whom had no criminal record, Barbara Comstock was off touring a wooden flag store for yet another photo opportunity. This despite the fact that some of the people caught up in the mass arrests were living next store in the VA-11. We assume she’ll be issuing a strongly worded press release on that soon.

Meanwhile, Flags of Valor is run by veterans in the VA-10 and they make cool looking wooden flags. There’s nothing wrong with that - go buy one if you’re so inclined. The problem is that Comstock is running around her district in secret while refusing to meet face to face with her constituents. The VA-10 residents who commented on her Facebook page were also not convinced:

“Beautiful business, I have bought his work at the expo center this past fall. Now … when will you be holding an actual town hall to meet with your constituents face to face?”

Comstock’s Facebook post gives the impression that she is a champion of veterans. It’s certainly true that she can be counted on for bold action such as preventing veteran suicide - something that literally 100% of the Congress voted in favor of. When it comes to bucking her party leadership, however, she always choses Paul Ryan over the troops.

Let’s look more closely at the voting record she is hiding from:

  • Voted in favor of reducing VA funding by $1 billion less than what President Obama had requested. HR 2029, Vote #193 The Hill
  • Voted against an amendment to increase VA funding for veteran’s medical services by $15 million. HR 2029, Vote #192
  • Voted against allowing VA doctors to discuss medical marijuana as a treatment option for veterans. HR 2029, Vote #188
  • Voted against protecting whistleblowers at the VA HR 1994, Vote #488
  • Voted to block consideration of a bill to accelerate skills training for US veterans. H. Res 78, Vote #59
  • Voted against allowing the VA to immediately suspend employees without pay for threatening public health or safety. HR 1994, Vote #487
  • Voted to cut workplace protections for VA employees. HR 1994, Vote #489 Washington Post

While Barbara Comstock is pretending to be a friend of veterans, we’ll be working overtime between now and November 6, 2018 to make sure the voters learn how she is actually voting when she thinks nobody is watching.

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