Cowardly Comstock Cancels on Fox News [VIDEO]

Cowardly Comstock Cancels on Fox News [VIDEO]

Today Fox News ran a segment on the VA-10 race. The piece discussed how Comstock is taking heat from both sides, and it includes a nice interview with Democratic challenger Kimberly Adams.

Next up is Republican challenger Shak Hill, who attacked Comstock for her craven vote on the ACA repeal.

“When Barbara voted to keep Obamacare, it was a moral failure. And this is one of the reasons why I’m running.””

The best part of the segment, however, is when the Fox News reporter calls out Comstock for cancelling a scheduled interview.

“We did try to interview Congresswoman Comstock for this piece today, and we had one scheduled, but her office canceled on us earlier in the week.”

Once again, Cowardly Comstock shows her true colors. Watch the full video below.

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