Comstock Silent while Trump Undermines National Security

Comstock Silent while Trump Undermines National Security

Once again Barbara Comstock is silent while a new scandal involving her district is unfolding. The latest Trump inflicted scandal to affect her district involves disgraced National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. General Flynn, who was fired from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 2014. Trump then had the brilliant idea to name him as his National Security Advisor.

Flynn may be best remembered for screaming like a maniac at the Republican National Convention last year:

“Lock her up! Yes, that’s right, lock her up!”

General Flynn has gotten himself into a new mess and it’s not only hurting the people who work at the CIA in Comstock’s district but the rest of America as well. There are some major concerns about his ties to Russia and we’re now learning that the White House was warned in January that Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail.

Flynn is doing a pretty bad job of clearing his name for someone who has been accused of being in the tank for the Russians. He couldn’t wait to talk to the Russians about the new sanctions Obama had put in place in response to their interference in last year’s Presidential Election. Then he lied about it and then he had the Vice President go on national television to lie about it for him. Meanwhile it was reported recently that the CIA denied a security clearance to one of Flynn’s top aides.

Several members of Congress have already issued statements of condemnation and demanding Flynn’s resignation. Representative Don Beyer whose district borders the CIA headquarters in Langley, VA tweeted several times on the subject today. His most recent tweet on the subject of Flynn:

“He has to go.”

You won’t get an unambiguous statement from Barbara Comstock though - despite the fact the CIA is in her district. Not surprising since she said nothing while Trump disgraced himself in front of the memorial wall dedicated to fallen CIA officers.

It’s time for Barbara Comstock to stand up for the intelligence professionals who work in her district to keep the entire nation safe. We all deserve a full investigation into Russian interference in our elections and the increasingly credible allegations that Russian agents have penetrated the White House itself.


Flynn has resigned no thanks to Comstock.

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