Comstock ignores White Nationalist in the White House

Comstock ignores White Nationalist in the White House

While Barbara Comstock was pretending to care about the Jewish people this weekend, she was completely silent on the subject of a prominent White Nationalist assuming control of the White House. Over the weekend Steve Bannon consolidated control of the White House by promoting himself to the National Security Council and demoting the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Director of the CIA. In other words, a prominent White Nationalist was given a security role normally resumed for generals.

Even Senator John McCain was outraged and issued a strongly worded statement:

“The appointment of Mr. Bannon is something which is a radical departure from any National Security Council in history”

The racist immigration ban on muslims is self-explanatory but Bannon was also behind other troubling events that should concern the Jewish voters that Comstock purports to represent. She has so far refused to condemn Trump’s bizarre statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day which did not contain a single reference to the Jewish people.

On Sunday, Trump’s chief of staff then went on Meet the Press and not only refused to apologize for the insensitive statement, but then said the following unbelievable sentence out loud:

“I’m trying to clear it up for you. I mean, everyone’s suffering in the Holocaust including obviously all of the Jewish people affected …”

This weekend the good people of Virginia were marching in the streets of D.C. and at the Dulles Airport in Barbara Comstock’s district. Meanwhile, Comstock was trying to have it both ways as usual. She showed up at a Holocaust Remembrance service for a photo op but refused to make a strong public statement about the very active and real threat of a White Nationalist now running the White House.

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