Comstock Sponsors Bill to Overturn Offshore Drilling Ban

Comstock Sponsors Bill to Overturn Offshore Drilling Ban

Who can forget the infamous BP Oil Spill and all of the nightmarish images of oil pouring into the ocean? It was such a traumatic episode in our nation’s history that they even made a movie out of it. After the spill, the Obama administration halted idefinitely a planned oil and gas lease sale off the coast of Virginia.

Yesterday, Barbara Comstock sponsored a bill to require the Secretary of the Interior to approve the sale. No bill text is available yet but you can tell from the title it’s going to be a dramatic reversal of the common sense environmental protections put in place by the Obama administration.

You may be asking yourself why would the Congresswoman from a landlocked district be introducing a bill about offshore oil drilling? This is even stranger when you realize that Comstock is a low energy representative who rarely sponsors legislation of any kind. She introduced only six actual bills in the entire two years of the 114th Congress. We hesitate to even call one of those six a “bill” because it was a single page do-nothing joke.

On a completely unrelated note, Barbara Comstock received a whopping $72,275 in campaign contributions from the Oil and Gas industry last cycle.

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