Comstock is Crazy in Love with the NRA

Comstock is Crazy in Love with the NRA

We know Barbara Comstock doesn’t like to talk about her votes on gun control. She hides them behind a smokescreen of photo-ops at wineries and middle schools.

We also know that Barbara Comstock takes sacks of campaign cash from the National Rifle Association and has received their A rating for fighting against common sense gun safety.

That doesn’t happen by accident. She works hard for it. Here are just a few of the crazy votes Barbara Comstock made to earn that NRA support:

That is a helluva list. And it is getting bigger. Recently, Barbara Comstock sneakily co-sponsored a federal law that will remove restrictions on the sale of gun silencers.

Can you image how many more people would have died if the Las Vegas high-rise shooter had used a silencer? Or if the D.C. Beltway Sniper had used a silencer in 2002?

This is not common-sense conservatism. It’s a fringe ideology, plain and simple.

Or just plain greed.

Barbara Comstock never talks about gun control in open meetings with her constituents. She does not listen to their voices, she simply does whatever she must to earn cash from the NRA.

Barbara Comstock will be on the ballot in November 2018. The NRA will give her more money.

She’ll keep voting for more guns and fewer restrictions, until guns are literally everywhere. With silencers and armor-piercing ammunition.

If you are angry about the Las Vegas massacre, remember exactly how you feel right now.

So you’ll remember that feeling when you vote in 2018.

When Barbara Comstock is on the ballot again.

1HR 1181
2 H Res 581, H Res 580, HR 579, H Res 560, H Res 556, Motion to table, H Res 539, H Res 542, H Res 546
3 H Res 466
4 HR 2578
5 HB 940
6 SB 334
7 HB 878
8 HJ Res 40

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