Comstock is Hiding her Brutal Immigration Policy

Comstock is Hiding her Brutal Immigration Policy

How will Barbara Comstock vote on Trump’s immigration plan? The last time she was asked this question she fled onto a private elevator. We’ll need to look behind her endless happy photo-ops with the immigrant community, and figure out how she is likely to vote.

We start with the sad truth that Comstock has never revealed her position on key immigration issues. Aside from an empty, untruthful statement on DACA, she never discusses immigration with her district in a public forum.

However, we know she has a 95.7% pro-Trump voting record, so it is certain that Barbara Comstock will vote with President Trump and the Republican Party’s recent immigration platform.

  • Comstock’s party wants to slash the number of green cards each year. The Republican Party says “it is indefensible to continue offering lawful permanent residence to more than one million foreign nationals every year.” A key Republican senator suggested cutting green cards to 500,000 per year. (p. 26) Comstock will support this.

  • The GOP wants to slash family-based green cards, allowing them only for spouse and children under 18. This bill already has 19 Republican co-sponsors and will severely cut family reunification visas. Comstock will inevitably support this.

  • Comstock wants to slash H1 and L1 visas. She is already a co-sponsor of a House bill to do exactly this, along with her ultra-conservative Virginia colleague Rep. Dave Brat.

  • Comstock will continue to support the demonization of immigrants by associating them with crime and violence. The Republican immigration platform says “our nation’s immigration and refugee policies are placing Americans at risk” (p. 41) and connects immigrants with “terrorism, drug cartels, human trafficking, and criminal gangs” (p. 26). Republicans have smeared the entire Latino community by associating it with the deadly street gang, MS-13. Comstock has been leading the charge with her racial profiling bill that encourages deportation of people suspected of being in a gang.

  • Comstock will continue to support the Muslim travel ban. Barbara Comstock has never spoken out against the Muslim travel ban. She said only that it should not apply to existing green card holders. She made an excuse for the Muslim ban by calling it “increased vetting based on national security concerns.” Comstock was the only Northern Virginia congressional representative who did not come to help her constituents at Dulles Airport when the Muslim ban was first announced.

  • Comstock will continue to support Trump’s move to end DACA. She issued a statement that included a complete falsehood, writing that President Obama’s executive order on DACA was unconstitutional. In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court has never issued a ruling on DACA’s constitutionality. Comstock’s statement was misleading at best.

These are just a few of the anti-immigrant actions Barbara Comstock and Donald Trump are supporting.

Based on her pro-Trump voting record, we believe Comstock will vote for all of the brutal immigration reform proposals coming from the Trump administration and Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

Voters who care about America’s immigrant families and traditions should remember this.

Especially when they see one of those happy Comstock photo-ops with a local immigrant group.

She’s just putting up a smokescreen.

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