Barbara Comstock is Running Scared

Barbara Comstock is Running Scared

Barbara Comstock just did the thing she hates the most - she finally told the public how she plans to vote on something.

Of course she announced it through a spokesperson and eventually she will issue a written statement (no cameras please!) but it must have killed her to do it. Comstock is a hardcore conservative who has cultivated a “moderate” image.

She needs two things to pull this off. The first is the occasional symbolic vote “against” her party. This is when Speaker Ryan gives her permission to actually appear to be listening to her constituents. That’s what happened just now.

The second thing that Comstock requires for her moderate illusion is anonymity. Barbara Comstock does not hold up well to scrutiny. Not only is she out of touch with her constituents but she knows very little about the issues. This is why she avoids not only town halls, but also press interviews and even small groups of voters.

Right now Barbara Comstock is running scared. Not from your phone calls - she could care less about those. What Barbara Comstock is scared about is what those phone calls represent. Those phone calls mean you are paying attention and will not be quiet.

Citizens are mobilizing against her and the press is starting to pay attention. Her political opponents smell weakness as they openly deliberate running against her. It’s only a matter of time before the majority of voters learn the truth about Barbara Comstock.

Barbara Comstock is absolutely terrified. And she should be.

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