Comstock Once Insulted Lilly Ledbetter on TV

Comstock Once Insulted Lilly Ledbetter on TV

Today is Equal Pay Day so it’s worth examining Barbara Comstock’s position on equal pay for women. Comstock hardly ever takes a public position on an issue, but for whatever reason, she seems very comfortable speaking out against any form of progress made by women.

Here is Comstock making a rare TV appearance so she can level a partisan attack against actual shero Lilly Ledbetter.

In the interview Comstock actually attacks the victim accusing her of being “partisan” and having a “left wing agenda”. Note the particular irony of Barbara Comstock accusing someone of being partisan.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act:

  • Lilly Ledbetter won a pay discrimination lawsuit against a big corporation
  • The Supreme Court overturned the decision because she did not file the lawsuit within 180 days of her first paycheck
  • This was outrageous since many women don’t learn they are being paid unfairly until long after they are hired
  • Congress passed a law (over Republican objections) to change it so you can file suit within 180 days of any paycheck (not just the first one)
  • Obama signed the law as his first official act when he became President

That’s it. It’s not an extreme left wing plot to take away anyone’s manhood. You still have to make a very difficult case in court to prove discrimination - only now you can at least bring a lawsuit once you find out you’ve been screwed.

Thanks Obama!

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