Comstock no longer disgusted by Trump

Comstock no longer disgusted by Trump

It’s hard to believe that’s only been a little over three months since Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood remarks came to light. Ever the opportunist, Barbara Comstock was quick to distance herself from the Ober Gropenführer.

“This is disgusting, vile, and disqualifying ..”

I suppose that counts as a principled stand in Comstock’s world. Especially coming from someone who made a name for herself while on her moral high horse during the Clinton years.

But that was three months ago. Today is a new day - who cares if she was so disgusted that she called on Trump to quit the race? That was the old Barbara Comstock. The new and improved Barbara Comstock is happy to celebrate with you on her Facebook page.

While most of Virginia stayed home and turned off their TV’s she had a front row seat. Good thing she’s recovered from whatever sickness she was experiencing last November … since her next trick will be to take a wrecking ball to the entire health insurance system with no plan to fix it.

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