Comstock Powerless to Stop Muslim Ban

Comstock Powerless to Stop Muslim Ban

Barbara Comstock is feeling the heat from her constituents because yesterday she conducted a hastily arranged conference call with voters in her district to discuss their concerns surrounding the repeal of the ACA as well as Trump’s recent ban on “travel from certain countries” (her words).

Unfortunately the extent of Comstock’s outrage is pretty much limited to her original mild-mannered statement that she issued several days ago. In other words, she did the bare minimum without getting herself in trouble with Trump.

Listening to the conference call you get the impression that Comstock thinks this whole business is rather unfortunate and she’s powerless to do anything about it.

“Unfortunately this was an executive order on vetting that was not properly vetted.”

She went on to say:

“We have a system of checks and balances so right now the judicial branch is looking at the legality of the temporary ban.”

Apparently Comstock missed that episode of Schoolhouse Rock which taught us all about “How a Bill Becomes a Law”. Of particular relevance is what happens at around the 1:10 mark where the Congressman says “You’re right there ought to be a law!” It’s true that we have a judicial branch that can review Trump’s order but Comstock is forgetting about the other co-equal branch of government. It’s called the legislative branch and newsflash to Barbara Comstock: she’s a member of it.

Comstock could easily introduce a bill that would remove any doubt about the ban’s legality and she and her colleagues could put this whole thing to rest. Then again we shouldn’t be surprised since she only introduced seven bills during her last two years of Congress. In fact she is ranked second worst in the Virginia delegation in terms of bills introduced. Of the paltry number of bills she introduced during the 114th Congress, less than half of them ever made it out of committee and none of them ever became law.

Our advice is for Congressman Comstock to sit down and watch that classic episode right away. Figure out how a bill becomes a law and then actually get something passed instead of issuing press releases and hiding from your constituents.

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