Comstock Chooses Trump Over the CIA

Comstock Chooses Trump Over the CIA

On January 21, Donald Trump made his disastrous trip to the CIA. After publicly trashing the agency several days earlier, he showed up to give a speech in front of their memorial wall while his traveling cheering section applauded for him. He then disgraced himself further by launching into a diatribe about dishonest media and bragging about how many people came to his inauguration - again - all while standing in front of a memorial to fallen CIA agents.

The CIA building is located within Barbara Comstock’s district - not far from her home in McLean, Virginia. We expect that the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) - which is also located within her district - will get attacked by Trump as soon as he sees a satellite photo that he doesn’t like.

One would expect a person who purports to represent these hardworking professionals to - you know - represent them. Comstock, however, chose to remain silent while Trump bashed them on Twitter and then made a mockery of everything they stand for during his visit.

Now Trump is threatening a purge of all the intelligence agencies and wants to put one of his billionaire friends - who knows nothing about intelligence - in charge of the project. Barbara Comstock needs to stand up for her constituents who work at the CIA on behalf of the entire country. We don’t need an overhaul of the intelligence agencies. We need an independent investigation into the Russian connections to the Trump campaign and White House.

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