Comstock Refuses to Disclose Her Schedule

Comstock Refuses to Disclose Her Schedule

In a recent Politico article Comstock’s deputy chief of staff denied that she was avoiding constituents and claimed that she was “ever present in her district”.

Lynn Anderson thought that claim was a little strange so she reached out to Comstock’s office for clarification.

From: Lynn Anderson [mailto:REDACTED]
Sent: Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 12:06 PM
To: Marschner, Jeff <REDACTED>

Subject: Rep. Comstock's Apearances

Mr. Marschner,

My name is Lynn Anderson, I live in Rep. Barbara Comstock's district (22066).  I was reading a recent article in Politico where you mentioned that Rep. Comstock was "ever present" in her district and that she had attended "nearly 50 events" since the start of the 115th Congress.  From looking at the pictures on her Twitter feed, I will agree that it does look like she has been busy!

I've been interested in seeing Rep. Comstock out in our district, talking with constituents and hearing about the plans that she has for her new term.  Although I did listen to her telephone town halls and have read her letter and press releases, there is nothing on her website about public meetings, forums or appearances.

I'd be interested to see the list of the 50 events that she attended.  Is the list on the website somewhere?  Can you send me a copy?  This is important to me because I feel like I am missing an opportunity to hear what my representative has been sharing throughout the community.

Please let me know the next time she is holding an event that is open to the public, since I would love the chance to listen to her speak about her work representing the views of our district.  Thanks so much for your help!

Best Regards,

Lynn Anderson

She never received a response. Not even one of the lame form letters Comstock specializes in sending.

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