Comstock Feels Harassed by Constituents (VIDEO)

Comstock Feels Harassed by Constituents (VIDEO)

As you may have heard by now, we ran into Barbara Comstock on Saturday at the Lovettsville May Fest. Even though she was ostensibly there to talk with constituents, she wasn’t too happy so see us. It’s pretty amazing the lengths she and her team will go to in order to avoid answering a serious constituent question.

Dave, a constituent from Berryville, was asking a serious question about Russian, when a Comstock supporter interrupted him and started carrying on about how the Russia investigation was a waste of money. Comstock then said “I’ll let you guys figure it out” as she turned and promptly walked away. She then immediately ran over to the M.C. and asked him to start the egg race. That ought to keep those pesky constituents at bay for a while!

Comstock runs to the MC

Dave waited patiently until the egg race was over. Another couple cut in line ahead of him but Dave said nothing. When it was his turn to finally talk with Comstock, the M.C. did his best to bail her out. He suddenly felt the need to announce an upcoming pie eating contest - twice in the span of sixty seconds.

Despite all of this, Dave persisted and asked Comstock his question about Russia. Comstock gave her standard talking point answer about confidence in the ongoing investigations, etc. She then followed up with this strange statement:

“If you have questions about the ongoing investigation you can talk to Senator Warner.”

Why would we talk to Senator Warner about our questions when Comstock is right here in front of us?

When pressed on whether she thought Kushner’s contacts with the Russians seemed normal she told us:

“You should have confidence [in the investigation] and if you don’t, talk to your senators.”

At this point Comstock clearly had enough and she was trying to find a way out of the conversation short of knocking Dave over or turning tail and running away. Too bad there was no elevator door to close on him. When Dave asked her why she won’t hold a town hall she responded:

“Look we are visiting with constituents all the time. That’s what we are doing here today.”

We found it weird that she would say that as she was trying her hardest to avoid a conversation with a constituent. Dave persisted and asked what was wrong with having a town hall. Comstock then let her guard down and gave a classic snippy off script answer.

“Well .. we are. We are talking to people instead of … you know … being harassed.”

And there you have it. Comstock can’t be bothered to talk with a constituent who doesn’t agree with her. She cares so little about his opinion that she can’t even manage to keep up the pretense that she cares about what he is saying. The couple she was talking to previously, that was a town hall. When Dave asked her a serious question about a troubling news story, that was harassment. Can’t you see the difference?

Sorry Comstock but this was nothing like a town hall. Your supporters were talking over both you and your constituent, and you ran off in a huff when you didn’t like the question.

Full video below:

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