Comstock Has Never Commented Publicly About the Russian Cyber Attack

Comstock Has Never Commented Publicly About the Russian Cyber Attack

The Washington Post’s Editorial Board warned Virginia long ago that Barbara Comstock likes to hide behind “anodyne issues like combatting Lyme disease.”

“Anodyne” means inoffensive, not likely to cause dissent. In other words, avoiding important issues unless they are completely devoid of controversy.

The Board’s warning was 100% accurate. Right now, as America grapples with a Russian hacking crisis, Comstock is hiding behind a smokescreen of anodyne, inoffensive activities that leave her constituents bewildered about her understanding of the Russia problem and how to address it.

In recent months, while her constituents seek answers about the Russian attack, she has posted 53 times about such activities as her visits to bars, restaurants, wineries, Lyme disease events, children’s activities, and 5K charity runs.

Between her official Twitter account and her campaign account, Comstock has tweeted 29 different times about various art competitions but not a single tweet referencing the cyber attack by Russia.

These and many others are the very definition of “anodyne issues.”

At the same time, she has made ZERO public comment about Russia or Russian election interference and has shared NOTHING with her constituents about the issue.

Zero. Zero public comments about the most devastating attack on American democracy since … ever. Except for that infamous video where she blamed it on the Democrats.

Her constituents are in the dark about Comstock’s views. Does she even believe the Russians attacked us? Does she support the Russia sanctions bill moving through Congress? Does she think this might be an ‘act of war,’ like Dick Cheney asked?

You can’t claim to represent your district if your voters don’t know the answer to these, and other, basic questions.

Compare Rep. Barbara Comstock with her VA-11 neighbor, Rep. Gerry Connolly. He wants to leave no doubt about his views on Russian interference, so his website is full of information. He even issued a statement:

“This is not about party. This is about our country. The very nature of our democracy is at stake.”

Politicians show their true colors in a crisis. Barbara Comstock has shown hers.

We need leadership in VA10, not cowardice.

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