Comstock Fakes an Emergency and Skips Memorial for Fallen Officer

Comstock Fakes an Emergency and Skips Memorial for Fallen Officer

Last week was Police Week - a time when the nation’s police officers gather in Washington, D.C. to remember their fallen colleagues. May 15 is of specific significance because that is Police Officers Memorial Day. If you are a member of Congress, you mark that date on your calendar and plan to do something to honor the fallen police officers in your district.

The only problem was this memorial service was going to be in Winchester, and we all know how Comstock feels about traveling all the way out to Winchester. Unless there’s a parade or a fundraiser involved you won’t find her there!

According to news reports Comstock’s office canceled her appearance at the event and sent a staffer instead. We are immediately suspicious whenever Comstock cancels something and we noticed this little tidbit in the article:

Comstock was unable to attend the ceremony due to an emergency.

That seemed weird to us because according to Comstock’s own Twitter feed she was quite busy with non-emergency matters.

Earlier in the day she had an overdue checkup, during which she had what she describes as a routine biopsy. Who here amongst us hasn’t canceled on a memorial for a fallen police officer in order to finally get that checkup we’ve been postponing?

Whatever the emergency was it sure wasn’t going to stop her from yet another photo op!

This isn’t the first time Comstock has been busted cancelling a scheduled appearance or a constituent meeting. We know that you hate driving all the way out to Winchester but don’t worry - after next November you can relax inside the beltway all you want.

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