Comstock Spends Recess With Mega Donors

Comstock Spends Recess With Mega Donors

Earlier this week, Barbara Comstock held a mega fundraiser at Selma Mansion in Leesburg Virginia. Congress is in the middle of a two week recess, although the GOP prefers to call it a “district work period.”

Last year, Comstock used this “work period” to take a government paid trip to Egypt. Since nobody was offering Comstock a free trip to the Middle East this year, she decided to focus on fundraising instead.

Comstock fundraising invitation

The fundraiser was hosted by Sharon Virts, the former CEO of a large federal contractor and also one of Comstock’s largest donors. Last year Virts donated a whopping $50,000 to the Comstock Victory Fund. If you’re thinking that’s over the $5,400 individual contribution limit, you are correct. Fortunately for Comstock, swamp monster incumbents have devised a workaround that lets them raise larger sums of money through a joint fundraising committee.

If the name Sharon Virts sounds familiar, you may remember that Comstock tweeted a shoutout to her donor last summer:

Note that Comstock’s owners prefer to call their new home a “mansion”, even though it was in fact, a plantation. The term “plantation” has a certain negative connotation these days.

It’s also interesting that Comstock has chosen to overlook the “multiple acts of oral sodomy” that her donor was alleged to have engaged in while married to another man.

It seems Comstock is now over the outrage she experienced when she learned of Bill Clinton’s White House indiscretions.

“I have two sons that are 15 and 13 … and you’re right it is ugly. And the way the boys react to this they need to see that this is not just going to be a boys will be boys kind of thing. You’ve got to … some responsible action needs to be taken.”

Comstock has failed to hold a single in person town hall meeting during her entire career in Congress.

But, if you have a $1,000 and you’re on a big money Republican donor list, you can get a private meeting with at a former plantation where people were enslaved.

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