Comstock still refusing to visit Dulles

Comstock still refusing to visit Dulles

Over fifty voters from the VA-10 went to confront Barbara Comstock at her Sterling, VA office earlier today. According to one of the organizers, the purpose of the meeting was to demand the following:

  1. Tell your constituents EXACTLY what you feel is not working about our current immigration/vetting process. Propose legislation that would change it for the better or tell us EXACTLY what changes you would support.

  2. Make a public statement denouncing the ban - something stronger than being disappointed in the original inclusion of those with green cards.

  3. Go to Dulles airport to show solidarity with the supporters.

Members of her district also reiterated their demands for a public in-person town hall meeting to be scheduled in advance with sufficient notice for them to attend. Phone calls to Comstock’s office have been going unanswered lately while the Congresswoman is running around giving unscheduled photo ops and avoiding her constituents.

Comstock’s staffers listened politely but were non-committal when it came to the demands. By now every politician in Virginia other than Comstock has made an appearance at Dulles Airport. Not only has she refused to visit the airport but she hasn’t even made a public comment on the situation unfolding in her own district. It seems clear where she actually stands on the issue but perhaps we’ll learn more when she schedules that Town Hall.

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