Meet Barbara Comstock's Sugar Daddies

Meet Barbara Comstock

Rep. Barbara Comstock has taken $44,000 from sugar industry lobbyists, including $16,000 in the first quarter of 2017 alone. Virginia does not produce any sugar, so why would that particular industry give her so much money?

Map of sugar production in United States

Because Congress protects rich sugar companies and allows them to charge you higher prices. They want Comstock’s vote.

The sugar companies recycle some of their fat profits into campaign donations for Congress, which then votes to extend that sweet protection again.

It’s a classic form of robbing the middle-class and giving to the rich. That’s how sugar companies became such generous campaign donors.

Comstock’s sweet payments came from 14 sugar industry PACs, including several members of the powerful American Sugar Alliance trade association.

The industry wants her to vote for sugar protection in the next Farm Bill, even though protectionism will hurt you and your family.

All that conservative talk of free market capitalism suddenly goes out the window when donors show a little campaign cash.

Even worse, all food manufacturers and restaurants pay the same inflated prices you pay. They pass the price increases along to you, of course. More pain.

So remember, whenever you bake cookies for a school fundraiser, Barbara Comstock makes a little money too.

Does that make you happy?

Comstock’s Sugar Daddies in 2017

Additional Reading

The conservative Heritage Foundation explains how Congress “artificially inflates sugar prices” with an effective 62% import tax. Heritage says the sugar program is bad for consumers and bad for America. Ask Barbara Comstock about it at her next town hall.

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