Comstock Takes Credit for Bill She Never Voted For (VIDEO)

Comstock Takes Credit for Bill She Never Voted For (VIDEO)

On May 30, one day after Memorial Day, Barbara Comstock took to Twitter to brag about a Veteran’s bill that she “supported”:

Unfortunately this seems to fit a pattern of Comstock distorting the facts and taking credit for other people’s work. Here are some facts about the bill that Comstock neglected to mention:

  • It passed seven days earlier - she waited until Memorial Day to improve the optics
  • It was sponsored by a Democrat
  • It passed by voice vote - meaning it was so non-controversial they don’t even record the votes
  • The entire process took 25 seconds

But there’s one more important fact that Barbara Comstock neglected to mention in her tweet. She didn’t even vote for the bill!

The bill passed by voice vote which means members just have to shout “aye” to vote for it, and as long as nobody shouts “nay”, the bill passes. As you can see (and hear) in the video below, Comstock’s voice is definitely not amongst the two to three male voices in the chamber voting for the bill.

If you re-read the Comstock tweet carefully notice how she didn’t say she voted for the bill. As with all things Comstock you need to read the fine print.

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