Low Energy Comstock Cancels Rally

Low Energy Comstock Cancels Rally

Comstock’s low energy campaign was forced to cancel a planned rally in support of her recent vote to massively cut taxes for the wealthy. The event was supposed to be part of a nationwide tour organized by the Job Creators Network (JCN).

JCN was founded by Home Depot co-founder and former CEO Bernie Marcus. While the JCN may favor massive tax cuts for corporations, they are very much against things like the minimum wage and affordable health care.

Unfortunately for the JCN, the American people are very much against cutting taxes for the super rich. Perhaps that’s why there were more protesters than rally supporters at Dave Brat’s low energy affair in Virginia on Saturday.

That was an ominous sign for Barbara Comstock who was scheduled to be at a rally this Monday. The last time Comstock encountered protesters outside of an event, she abandoned her car more than 70 miles away from her home.

Alas, the JCN event was cancelled.

After we posted about the cancelled event on Twitter, the JCN took down the event from the Eventbrite website entirely. SAD!

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Comstock is in for a very long campaign season if all she can do is talk about tax cuts for the wealthy and run away from protesters.

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