Comstock Throws Frank Wolf Under the Bus

Comstock Throws Frank Wolf Under the Bus

Barbara Comstock was caught on video recently, delivering several sneaky shots at her popular predecessor, former Congressman Frank Wolf.

In a speech to transportation industry lobbyists, Comstock complained Metro was “set up in the ‘60s and not modernized since then.” She said, “We are a really behind the times in terms of having a modern transit system” and added that Metro’s contracts are like a “horse and buggy.

Everyone knows that Metro has problems, but Comstock’s repeated slaps at Frank Wolf’s stewardship are startling. Wolf represented VA10 for 34 years during that period and served on the House Transportation Sub-Committee. Frank Wolf is known for his hard work to modernize Metro, while Barbara Comstock is known for her hard-line votes against Northern Virginia transportation during her time as a Delegate in Richmond.

Even the Washington Post took note of Comstock’s transportation failures:

“But while Mr. Wolf’s fingerprints are on virtually every major transportation project in the region, Ms. Comstock opposed the most important state legislation in more than a quarter century to pay for improvements to roads, bridges, tunnels and mass transit.”

Comstock’s criticism is particularly biting because Wolf was her old boss. Her disloyalty is astonishing, and shows how disconnected she is from her district, where Wolf was so popular, that in some election years the Democrats did not bother to run against him.

By criticizing Wolf in this back-handed manner, Comstock dishonors his legacy and shatters the GOP’s 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of thy fellow Republican.

Fans of Frank Wolf, take note.

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